Caeriel Crestin

Benji Kinnabari, aka Demonskin, is played by Caeriel Crestin. A 17 year old warlock with impervious skin he got through a demonic ritual, Benji’s just a little sparkly… but maybe that's the twilight.
Caeriel also voices Benji’s little imp-demon sidekick, Bunnywink. He’s the size of a cat, pink-all-over and just full of piss!

Besides producing Custodians of Justice, Caeriel is a director, teacher and performer at the Hideout Theatre in downtown Austin. He recently directed Mischief Managed: An Improvised Hogwarts Story, and Things You Love, the Musical, and was a featured performer in the sold-out run of Big Gay Musical. He loves elephants, dogs, hipster lumberjacks and game nights.

Also, check out his unique custom artwork on Etsy:

(photo credit: Jay Mahavier)


Cara Arlauskas

Sent to Earth after… The Incident, The Captainatrix, Kiana is here to gather and organize the remaining local heroes as she learns terrestrial customs, enjoys local cuisine and explores her charming new home base.

Kiana is played by Cara Arlauskas, an improviser and voice actor in Austin, TX. She actively performs as a drag king in the troupe Hail to the Queen- An Improvised Drag Extravaganza. She was in the children's show The Pirates of Hideout Cove, as well as Things You Love, The Musical and Mischief Managed: An Improvised Hogwarts Story- all productions of The Hideout Theatre in downtown Austin. Cara is an amateur baker and a professional mom to the coolest little boy in the world. Her turn-offs include poor grammar, vulgar displays of double-joints and mustard!

(photo credit: Steve Rogers Photography)


Jimmy Wright

Julio Marinara V, a 38 year-old liaison to the Custodians of Justice from the city council, is played by Jimmy Wright. A life-long city bureaucrat and junior college dropout, Julio is surprisingly competent and kind. Though the Custodians treat him somewhat poorly, Julio greets each full day of grunt work with a strong sense of civic duty!

Jimmy is a local Austin improviser, and the sound engineer and producer behind each episode of the Custodians of Justice.


Mark Gerchak

Rhodri Cote, aka The Watchtower, is played by Mark Gerchak, and is the eyes and ears of the Custodians. Rhodri had a very important role as temporary team leader after… The Incident.

Mark is a filmmaker, writer, and improviser from Austin, Texas. He performs improvised kids shows regularly with Hideout Kids and was a featured performer in Mischief Managed: An Improvised Hogwarts Story, also at the Hideout Theatre. His special skills include making rope from cedar tree bark and attempting to learn ballet.

(photo credit: Steve Rogers Photography)